Ethio Health Exhibition and Congress

Ethio Health Exhibition and Congress

6th Ethio Health Exhibition and Congress 2022

Ethio Health is the premier, largest and comprehensive healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and wellness technology, inputs and solutions international trade fair in Ethiopia.

This event has proved to be the major platform that fuels the sector development through trade facilitation, market linkages, introduction of new technology and transfer of knowledge for concerned stakeholders across the whole value chain.

Companies with a vision and expansion plan to the African continent shall consider the emerging market of the East African country – Ethiopia, which has a spectacular rapidly growing and stable macro–economy that guarantee establishment a profitable business.

Both local and international exhibitors will get maximum exposure for their brands and potentially achieve the establishment of strong network with individual and institutional professionals to increase revenue source.

This prestigious exhibition and congress is meticulously planned to provide the best possible chance for manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, educational facilities and research institutions to promote their products and services for the valuable stakeholders operating in the field.

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Ethio Health Exhibition and Congress
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