Ethiopia: Cyber and Big Data- Big Data versus Privacy and Security

cyber and big data event ethiopia

Digital Ethiopia Webinar Series: Cyber and Big Data- Big Data versus Privacy and Security

The global big data industry is experiencing vibrant development at the current time. New technologies for data collection, transmission, analytics, consumption and storage such as distributed parallel computing, machine learning, and deep data mining have emerged and are evolving quickly. As we see that Big Data has gradually become a national strategic resource and an important factor in productivity and creating opportunities for new services and products, we ask, what is the state of play in the Ethiopian private and public sector. We also note the number of big data security incidents occurring around the world is also on the rise. Against this background, this panel will explore the development of the sector including business use cases, and what these developments could mean for Ethiopia’s digital economy. i.e., What are the opportunities and challenges in front of us?

Join the online meeting: Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022, at 02:00 PM Ethiopian Time

Language: Amharic
Location: Ethiopia

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Founder and CEO
Dawit Birhanu is the founder and CEO of WebSprix, a leading ISP in Ethiopia. He has worked in Service Provider product development at Cisco Systems for 16 years.
State Minister
State Minister at Ministry of innovation and technology
Director General
Eng. Balcha Reba, Director General, Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA)

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cyber and big data event ethiopia
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