Family Photo All Addis Event


Venue: Italian Institute of Culture (Arada Sub-City, near Semien Hotel)

Director &  Subject: Matteo Spiazzi

Project Coordinator: Ayalneh Mulatu

Assistant Director: Dagne Abebe

Date: Friday 27 January

Time: 5:00 Pm

Before the theater show “FAMILY ALBUM ” Story of an unconventional Ethiopian family “

The new Italian-Ethiopian project of our cultural program 2023 is an original non-verbal comedy, prepared by director Matteo Spiazzi together with young Ethiopian actors.

Often the family is the place where relationships beyond social conventions are condensed directly and each character lives his life arriving at conflicts that, despite being dramatic in themselves, result in an external look, often comic. So, what happens inside this Ethiopian family where three generations live together in one apartment? You might be able to recognize yourself in some familiar situations typical of the show where verbal language is not used but some masks from the Comedy Art reinterpreted in a modern and innovative way.



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Family Photo All Addis Event
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