ICPHC 2023

                                                        Eliminating Silos:Integration of Centered                                                                                                             Care in Primary Health  Care Settings ( ICPHC ) 2023

The primary healthcare landscape has witnessed significant advancements in medical technologies and treatment approaches.

  •  amid these developments, one critical challenge persists—the presence of silos in healthcare systems.
  • Siloed care models often lead to fragmented services, reduced patient satisfaction, and compromised health outcomes.

To address this issue, it is essential to promote the integration of person-centered care in primary health care settings. This concurrent session aims to explore innovative strategies and best practices for breaking down silos and fostering an integrated approach to healthcare delivery.

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Mengistu Asnake, Senior Country Director, Pathfinder Ethiopia Dr. Ritah Waddimba, Country Director  Pathfinder Uganda Joram Luke, Senior Technical Advisor – HIV/AIDS & SRHR, Pathfinder Kenya  Additional speaker to be announced

Date: September 7 ,2023.

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