The Job Hunting Accelerator Bootcamp -Land Your Dream Job — Addis Ababa

The Job Hunting Accelerator Bootcamp

The Job Hunting Accelerator Bootcamp -Land Your Dream Job — Addis Ababa

Learn The Insider Job Hunting Secrets To Effectively Finding, Landing and Succeeding In Your Dream Job
“The 2022 Job Hunting Accelerator Bootcamp” – Over 37,000+ People Taught!

Get Up To 17 Interviews In As Little As 3 Weeks By Making A Few Small Tweaks In Your Job Search Process (Even If You’ve Tried Everything And Still Haven’t Been Able To Get A Job)

JOB SEEKERS: Spending Countless Hours Applying for Jobs With No Interviews?

“DISCOVER HOW I GET PAST APPLICATION SYSTEMS & GET UP TO 6 INTERVIEWS A WEEK…And How You Can Do The Same Even If You’re Struggling To Get Past Online Applications, Have Limited Experience or Limited Network!”

It is a 3-hour Bootcamp, where Ash teaches you Proven Job Hunting Strategies step-by-step, going into immense detail on why, what, and how to do specific little-known critical things in the job search process.

Feel like your resume is getting lost in a black hole when applying on job boards because you get no responses back? ?

Getting frustrated with no response from recruiters and hiring managers?

I’m sure these questions are on top-of-mind for any job seeker!

In this Bootcamp, Ash is going to show you exactly how you too can land your next job within no time. It is a proven system that’s been worked on for 11+ years and thousands of professionals just like you have already benefited from it from around the world. All you need to do is register your seat today for FREE.

During this Bootcamp, you will learn exactly how to fix the top job search mistakes and land your next job in the next 60 days or less, including:

  • Mistake — Discover and Avoid the #1 Mistake you are making in Your Job Search That Could Be Costing You Many Job Offers
  • Beat The Bots — Learn how to beat the Applicant Tracking System and maximize your job interviews despite recent upgrades to the ATS Bot system
  • Insider Strategies — Learn unique tips and insider strategies on why certain things matter and why other things don’t and how to best use them to give you an advantage during recruiting.
  • Understand The Pandemic Effect — Has the worldwide pandemic changed the job search process? If yes, does it hurt your current job and your next job search?
  • Resume Template — The best resume template and format built from scratch; tried, tested, and successful at top companies around the world.
  • Guaranteed — Over 37,000 students have learned this format and it has worked, I guarantee that you will be a stronger candidate after attending this Bootcamp
  • ONLINE Event — This is a live and interactive ONLINE Bootcamp


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