Trip to Doho Lodge & Hot Springs

Doho Lodge & Hot Springs

Weekly Trip to Doho Lodge & Hot Springs (Third trip)

Elephant Tour & Travel, sister company of Doho Lodge, presents #weekendsatdoholodge trip where you can enjoy your weekends with us. Our main goal is to promote domestic tourism, which is why weekends at Doho Lodge include visits to the Awash National Park, where you can see the amazing Awash River falls as well as the abundant Crocodiles at the bottom of the falls, and village visits, where we can observe the afar life style, among other things.

የሚሰጡ ዋና ዋና አገልግሎቶች /Services we provide/:

  • Hot Spring bathing and swimming / በፍል ውሃ መታጠብ እና መዋኘት
  • Amazing sunset photography/ አስግራሚ እና አይረሴ ፎቶዎች
  • Breakfast & 2 Lunch/ 2 ምሳ እና ቁርስ
  • Barbecue dinner/ ባርብኪው (የፍየል ጥብስ)
  • Evening campfire/ ምሽት ላይ ካአምፕፍየር
  • Traditional coffee ceremony/ ባህላዊ ቡና
  • Trekking to Aseda peak, 30 min walk in the bush/ አፀዳ ተራራንእና አካባቢው ላይ ዎክ ማረግ
  • Visiting Awash National Park/ አዋሽ ፓርክን መጎብኘት 🛖Afar village visit / የአፋር አኗኗርን መጎብኘት
  • Free Wi-Fi available at the lobby/ ዋይፋይ

የጉዞ ቀን /Date/: ቅዳሜ እና እሁድ ሰኔ 18 እና 19, 2014 ዓ/ም /Saturday & Sunday, June 25 & 26, 2022
One Night and 2 days trip / የቆይታ ጊዜ : አንድ ምሽት እና 2 ቀናት
መነሻ ስፍራ /Departure area/: Mexico Sheble
መነሻ ሰዓት /Departure time/: 12:00.
Price/ዋጋ: 3500 ETB
አዳር /Space/: Double tent at Doho Lodge/ በድንኳን.

  • All these services will be provided by a professional and knowledgeable guide.
  • Travelers who would like to stay in rooms, will have a 10% discount up on early request for reservation.
  • Trip with less than 22 people will have an a la carte menu for breakfast and lunch.

Suggested personal items to bring to the Lodge/ በጉዞላይ የሚያስፈልጉ እቃዎች: 

  • Eyeglasses/ የአይን መነፅር
  • Light cloths during the day time but long dressing in the evening/ ቀለል ያሉ ልብሶችን መያዝ
  • Insect repellent lotion for outdoor use during evening stay/ የቢንቢ መከላከያ ሎሽን
  • Closed comfortable shoes/ ሽፍን እና ምቾት ያው ጫማ
  • Camera and binoculars if available/ ካሜራ እና የአይን መነፅር
  • power bank

Our Head office: Bisrate gebreal, Adot multiplex building, 6th floor, 601
For More Information Contact Us :

  • 0911643388
  • 0904253333

ያሉን ቦታዎች ውስን ስለሆኑ አሁኑኑ ይመዝገቡ!


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Doho Lodge & Hot Springs
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