Adwa Africa Music and Art Party
Adwa Africa Music and Art Party Special closing events Adwa Africa Festival Bright Summary Programs Date: February 28- March 2 , 2022 From Monday, February 28, at the Grand Hotel's Ras Hotel's Special Theater Literature Monolog Various shows Humiliation Fun events Music party With special hospitality A performance on Wednesday morning at Menelik Adwa Bridge and From 11:00 Am Onwards , A Concert Will Be Held With the Adwa Band Address: Ras Hotel and Adwa Bridge For More Information: 0982 23 98 78 / 0974 04 76 07 The Tickets: Ras Hotel Tracon Building 1 floor Bole Redwan Building Floor Mexico Shebele Hotel You can Also Find it at the Door Of The Day Musicians: Solomon Tigabe Yonatan Damene Zebiba Girma Gizachew Teshome Ribeka Yohanes Poet: Efrem Seyoum Dance Group: Ahadu Dance Group Program Leader: Befikadu Abay
adwa pop up event
Adwa Pop Up Buy Ethiopian Be a patriot! Come celebrate Adwa with creativity! Date: March 4 - March 5, 2022 Address: Sabegn Concept Store
ART Exhibition Addis Ababa
ART EXHIBITION KEBENA HOUSE  In Collaboration With Mikiyas Tilahun & Miherit Paulos An Exhibition Featuring: Miherit Paulos As Elizabeth Born Said "ART is not always about pretty things, it's about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected", so come take part and join the Conversation. Exhibition Date: March 12-13, 2022 Address: Up The Hill from Embassy of Kenya: 300 Meters Before Enqu Lideta Church  Time: 9 AM -6 AM Phone: +251 974 12 79 81 Email: Presents: UBUNTU 
Zema Mezekir Picture
300 Birr
March 19, 2022
1:00 am
Zema Mezekir LIVE MUSIC ARTS & FOOD Date: March 19, 2022 Address: Dok, Top View  Megenaga Time:  1 pm Contact us : +251 89058099 +251 943301750 Entrance Fee: 300 ETB Tickets Available Now: eventbrite   Organizer: CHOOCHOO PRESENTS Phone Number: 091 167 1831
SABEGN POP UP CELEBRATING CREATIVITY  SHOPPING . FASHION  . ART   &  FOOD Date: March 26 - 27 2022 Address: Sabegn Concept Store Bole Atlas area, opposite Sapphire Hotel For More Information: +251 116 686 928  Doors Open: 10 AM TO 8 PM Organizer: SABEGN  Website: Free Entrance 
Learning From Heritage
March 26, 2022
5:30 pm
Learning From Heritage For Sustainable Future in Addis Ababa What Can we Learn from the unique architectural heritage of Addis Ababa to cope with the challenge of creating a sustainable city for the future? Addis Ababa has a Unique Urban Heritage from the time before the Italian invasion in 1936.The so-called " Addis Ababa House  " is an architectural typology that shows diverse, cosmopolitan influences ( Armenian, Indian, Arabic and European ). Those influences have merged with the local conditions of the young Ethiopian Capital. At the same time many architectural principles were applied to create comfort and beauty for its dwellers, thus these buildings are containers of potentially valuable knowledge. The Technical University Berlin has cooperated  with Ethiopian Professionals and the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development ( EiABC ) in a Research Seminar and a master design studio, both coordinated by Piet Nieder from TU Berlin. The Outcomes of the research will be presented and serve as a background of discussing the potential of adopting local building tradition for contemporary needs. Launch of an Interactive map with the Urban Heritage of Addis Ababa. Date: Saturday March 26, 2022 Time: 5:30 PM -7:30 PM Door's Opens At: 5:00 PM Registration is Mandatory: Text Your Full Name to 0920 61 20 10 Address: The Urban Center - Infront of St. Estifanose Church, Women Federation Building Ground Floor. Session Language: English Free Event With Refreshment  Organizer:  The Urban Center in Collaboration with Goethe-Institute Present Parking Options: Behind the building , Mesekel  Square, and Behind Oil Libya Gas Station. Event With COVID 19 Protection MEASURES
110 Birr
April 7, 2022
6:00 pm
Architects ወርሃዊ URBAN ART INSTALLATION With Alebel Desta The session will be at a small gathering amphitheater space/Check the Pin/ next to the children's playground. It's found next to the parking space. We will be attending the presentation slides and videos with our phones so charge them well. Grab your warm coat and your comfy shoes, let's have a great night at the park. Date: April 07, 2022 Time: 06:00 PM  Entrance: 110 Birr Address: Friendship park (Infront of Sharaton Addis Hotel) For More Information: +251-920-599593 Organized By: Association of Ethiopian Architects - AEA 
Zema Mezkier
April 16, 2022
1:00 am
ZEMA MEZEKIR LIVE MUSIC ARTS & FOOD Date: April 16, 2022 Address: Dok, Top View  Megenaga Time:  1 pm Tickets Available Now: eventbrite   Organizer: CHOOCHOO PRESENTS Phone Number: 091 167 1831 ዜማ መዘክር ሙዚቃ ጥበብ እና ምግብ ቀን: ቅዳሜ, ሚያዝያ 8 2014 ሰዓት: ከቀኑ 7 ሰዓት ጀምሮ አድራሻ: መገናኛ አዘጋጅ: CHOOCHOO Presents ቲኬቱን ለማግኘት: eventbrite ስልክ ቁጥር: 091 167 1831
The Big Art Sale Flayer
April 16, 2022
10:00 am
The Big Art Sale  What's Out Addis in Partnership with Hilton Addis Ababa, Proudly Presents the annual " Big Art Sale " .  This fun family-friendly event will take place on Saturday April 16th and Sunday April 17th, 2022 from 10 AM to 6 PM in the parking lot area of the Hilton Hotel Date: April  16-17, 2022 Time: 10:00AM to 6PM  Address: Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa  Register: Contact us: at Telegram Organizer: What’s Out! Addis
Easter for good
200 Birr
April 18, 2022
4:00 pm
ፋሲካ ለበጎነት ልዩ የባለራእዮች ምሽት እና የማንቂያ ፕሮግራም ስመጥር የአገራችን ባለ ራአዮች ልምዳችውን ለወጣቶች የስኬት መንገድ የሚያካፍሉበት ቀን: ሰኞ,  ሚያዚያ 10/2014 ሰዓት: ከ 10  ሰአት ጀምሮ አድራሻ: በኢትዮጵያ ብሄራዊ ቴአትር የመግቢያ ዋጋ:  200 ብር ብቻ ያለው ቦታ ወስን ስልሆነ ትኬቱን ለማግኝት አሁኑኑ ይደውሉ: 0903 80 01 35 0903 80 01 36 0921 60 97 43 ተጋባዥ እንግዶች: ዶር ወዳጄነህ ማህረነ ዳግማዊ አሰፋ ጥበቡ በለጠ ዶክተር ወረታው በዛብህ መሃመድ ካሳ ታምራት ግርማ ሰለሞን ሹምዬ ትእግስት ዋልተንጉስ ዶክተር ፍሠሐ እሸቱ አርቲስት ደበሽ ተመስገን መጋቢ ሀዲስ ሮዳስ ታደሰ ዳንኤል በቀለ የፕሮግራሙ አዘጋጆች: ተስፋዬ ገብረማሪያም መኮንን ንጉሴ የፕሮግራም ታላላቅ አጋሮች: Purpose Black  Hello Delala Enat Bank Tomoka Cafee Ashewa Technology Sirak Advertising የኔታ Tube
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