ድንግሌን መጽሐፍ
ድንግሌን መጽሐፍ አንባቢያንና የሚዲያ ተቋማት በሙሉ ተጋብዛችኋል! Ethiopia I ያነበቧት ኹሉ የተደነቁባት ድንግሌን መጽሐፍ ልትሞሸር ነው! ቀን: ረቡዕ ሐምሌ 13 ሰዓት:  ከቀኑ 11፡00 አድራሻ: በራስ ሆቴል
ንባብ ለህይወት Reading For Life
Reading For Life  ንባብ ለሕይወት ንባብ ለልጆች  To Reach the Top We stand on the books we've Read ቀን: ሐምሌ-ነሐሴ/ 2014
የመጽሐፍ ወይይት
የመጽሐፍ ወይይት በብሔራዊ ቤተ መዛግብት እና ቤተመጻሕፍት አገልግሎት ርዕስ: ቤተልሄም ዘውግ: ልብ ወለድ የመነሻ ጽሑፍ: ሊዲያ ተስፋዬ
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Where we were, where we are, where we are going Abrihot art event 
Book Lounch-Addis Events
Author Feven Teferi's book titled "Sleep of labor" will be launched in the Hager fikir Theater
Quas Abed All Addis Event
As part of our monthly book review program, we will be discussing "Quas Abed" by Shuangzaw W/Tsadiq. Please feel free to join us for this exciting discussion
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