ቡሔን እንደ ቡሔ! በእለቱ የተለያዩ ኪነጥበብ መሰናዶ የሚኖር ሲሆን የአባቶች ምርቃት ፣ ችቦ መለኮስና የጅራፍ ማስጮህ ውድድር የዝግጅቱ አንድ አካል ነው። የተለያዩ ዝግጅቶች አሉ እንዚህም:- ሰነግጥም ወግ ባህላዊ ጭፈራ ጭውውት የአባቶች ምርቃት ችቦ ልኮሳ ጅራፍ ማጮህ ወድድርና ሌሎችም መርሀ ግብሮች አሉ::
Ethio እስክስታ Fitness
Cyber Security Conference  DATE: August 18th, 2022 TIME: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM EAT, 7:00 AM-11:00 AM EST ZOOM MEETING ID: 881 8034 6984 PASSCODE: 881366
300 ETB
We are thrilled to announce that the Kiremt edition of Zoya is happening at Refenti World on Saturday, 06 August 2022.Spread across two venues, Atmosphere for a pre-game afternoon and Refenti World for the main showcase with two stages, this edition will feature a special cross-city entertainment experience.
Afro Beat Barbecue
AFRO BEAT & BARBECUE Live Barbecue 30% off Discount All Night. Date: August 2, 2022 Time: 5:30 PM Address: OAK LOUNGE Ramada Hotel
The Divine Feminine Workshop
2000 ETB
The Divine Feminine Workshop YOGA | DANCE | MASSGE | MEDITATION  AND MORE Date: July 31 2022 Time:  10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Address:  Enitewawek, Bole behind Mega Bld.
Neon Beach Party Dj Emanuel
2950 ETB
NEON BEACH FEST at Langano Date: Jul 30 and 31 (Saturday and Sunday) Meeting Point: Mexico Wabi Shebele Hotel Price: 2,950 per person Discount for a group of friends
Bermeal Fest
200 ETB
10th Edition በርሜል Fest  Date: August 6 ,2022 Location: Wollo Sefer Kana Warehouse, in front of Dire Dawa Building.
150 ETB
AKEBULAN  One Year Anniversary Celebration  What a year! What a journey!  Join us as we have a special celebration of our one year anniversary of AKEBULAN at Shifta foods consecutively for 12 months. We had memorable moments with different vendors and performers
Bergud Fest
1500 ETB
Bergud Fest Date: July 23, 2022 Price: 1500 ETB Only  Address: Ziway
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