Growth Model
290 ETB
Growth Model Seminar Date: Saturday 30,2022 Time: 03:00 PM -  5:00 PM Address: Hayahulet ( 22 )
ደሜን ለወዳጆቼ | Blood Donation
"በነፃ የተሠጠን በነፃ በመስጠት የሠው ህይወት እናትርፍ የተከበራችሁ እና እጅግ የምወዳችሁ ወዳጆቼ ከሩቅም ከቅርብም ያላችሁ በሙሉ በአሁን ሰአት በሀገራችን ኢትዮጵያ ከፍተኛ የሆነ የደም እጥረት ተከስቷልና ሁላችንም እንረባረብ። የፊታችን እሁድ ከጠዋት ጀምሮ እኔና ወዳጆቼ ሜክሲኮ ደብረ ወርቅ ህንጻ ጋር ገባ ብሎ በሚገኘው በዘንባባ ባር እና ሬስቶራንት ተገናኝተን በጋራ ደም ለወገኖቻችን ደም እንለግሳለን። ስለዚህ እርስዎም በጠዋት በቦታው በመገኘት ደም በመለገስ ወገንዎን ከሞት ይታደጉ በፍቅርም በእዚህ የበጎ ስራ ይሳተፉ ተጋብዘዋል።"
Celebrate Friendship
Let's Celebrate Friendship Day! KARAOKE  GAME TIME STORY TELLING GOOD VIBES FOOD & DRINK  Date: July 31, 2022
Afro Beat Barbecue
AFRO BEAT & BARBECUE Live Barbecue 30% off Discount All Night. Date: August 2, 2022 Time: 5:30 PM Address: OAK LOUNGE Ramada Hotel
ንባብ ለህይወት Reading For Life
Reading For Life  ንባብ ለሕይወት ንባብ ለልጆች  To Reach the Top We stand on the books we've Read ቀን: ሐምሌ-ነሐሴ/ 2014
Ethiopian National Internet Governance
The IGF is a global multi stakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet. Date: August 04, 2022 Address: Virtual + In-Person
Building a Business as a Creative
150 ETB
MindLink is back! After a break that took longer than expected, MindLink will return once again to Sapphire Addis Hotel on Friday, 05 August 2022. The professional networking event which will make its fourth edition will discuss 'Building a Business as a Creative' with some of the most distinguished personalities in the creative, business sector.
August 5, 2022
10:00 am
In celebration of our newly launched branch office at Noah plaza, we're joining hands with promising local artists and poets on the art week happening from August 5 to 7 where various art practitioners will be showcasing their works.
የመጽሐፍ ወይይት
የመጽሐፍ ወይይት በብሔራዊ ቤተ መዛግብት እና ቤተመጻሕፍት አገልግሎት ርዕስ: ቤተልሄም ዘውግ: ልብ ወለድ የመነሻ ጽሑፍ: ሊዲያ ተስፋዬ
300 ETB
We are thrilled to announce that the Kiremt edition of Zoya is happening at Refenti World on Saturday, 06 August 2022.Spread across two venues, Atmosphere for a pre-game afternoon and Refenti World for the main showcase with two stages, this edition will feature a special cross-city entertainment experience.
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