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SPHR Webinar Global Abortion Policies and Effect On Material Health  Date: April 7, 2022 Address: Virtual Zoom Event Time: 3:30 PM EAT Speaker: Dr. Antonella Lavelanet Susheela Singh Dr. Tesfaye Hurissa Dr. Mekdes Bahiru Organized By: St. Paul Institute for Reproductive Health and Rights ( SPHR ) CPD Center in Collaboration with St. Paul's Hospital Medical College ( SPHMMC ) Register At:
Smart Living
SMART LIVING "  What are the prospects for smart City frameworks(s) ijn Ethiopia  " Paperless Living  Travel  Housing  Mobility Etc...
Women In Research
Women in Research PANEL DISCUSSION
Youth Employment
Youth Empowerment for Driving African Energy Transition An event dedicated to the critical role young people will play in ensuring the Africa's energy transition.
Webinar Frontieri Consult
GREEN House Gas Emission from the Livestock Production in Ethiopia ans its Mitigation Potentials  Webinar Frontieri Consult
TECH Talks
Tech Talk Date: June 30, 2022 Time: 12:00 PM Title: Secure Computation in Practice Organizer: Association for Computing Machinery  ( ACM ) Website:
Diversity of AI
Diversity in AI Artificial intelligence is not neutral. The way robots are built, trained and used has a major impact on our everyday lives and societies. After all, how a robot interacts with people of different origins, cultures, genders, sexual orientation depends on who built the system and what training data was used for programming. With the consequences and problems of a lack of diversity, the project advocates for a critical reflection of the design processes and creates examples for a diverse vision of the future with and through AI.
BioInnovate Africa: Call For Concept Notes
Bio Innovate: Call for concept note Date: July 19, 2022 Address: Online Target group: Scientists working in universities. Research Institutes, Private sector companies as well as smallholder farmers and .
Virtually Yours
Virtually Yours  Conversation in English with simultaneous translation in FrenchA series of online discussions - Virtual Gatherings - with the award-winning author Zukiswa Wanner, exploring contemporary African Literature with authors.
Building Forward Better: Delivering Locally with SMEs as Game changer The event will show the potential and the necessity to engage with Eco-inclusive SMEs and highlight the importance of well-designed collaborations to empower and catalyses their innovations. It will also be the lead-up to launching the “Coalition for Innovation, Circularity and Entrepreneurship”, which aims at enabling Eco-inclusive enterprises, scaling up and replicating their good practices and giving a voice to SMEs.
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