Great Ethiopian Run
January 23, 2022
9:00 am
The 2021 TotalEnergies Great Ethiopian Run International 10km race is set for Sunday 23rd January 2022. Organizers have also announced that some additional race places will be arranged for the diaspora community who will be traveling to Ethiopia to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas in early January 2022.
"የ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሃገሩ የት ነው " የተሰኘው የእስከዳር ግርማይ መጽሃፍ ምረቃ ቀን: ጥር 27 2014 ሰዓት:ከ 11 ጀምሮ ይመርቃል አድራሻ: BELLEVUE HOTELS AND SPA አዝጋጅ: ጸሃፊ ተውኔትና አዘጋጅ መአዛ ወርቁ
AfricaCup of SLAM POETRY
The Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (CASP) is a “Pan Africanist” event that brings together artistic talent from Africa and globally. CASP creates synergy, unification in the artistic scene and hence works on a united Africa.
Adwa Africa Music and Art Party
Adwa Africa Music and Art Party Special closing events Adwa Africa Festival Bright Summary Programs Date: February 28- March 2 , 2022 From Monday, February 28, at the Grand Hotel's Ras Hotel's Special Theater Literature Monolog Various shows Humiliation Fun events Music party With special hospitality A performance on Wednesday morning at Menelik Adwa Bridge and From 11:00 Am Onwards , A Concert Will Be Held With the Adwa Band Address: Ras Hotel and Adwa Bridge For More Information: 0982 23 98 78 / 0974 04 76 07 The Tickets: Ras Hotel Tracon Building 1 floor Bole Redwan Building Floor Mexico Shebele Hotel You can Also Find it at the Door Of The Day Musicians: Solomon Tigabe Yonatan Damene Zebiba Girma Gizachew Teshome Ribeka Yohanes Poet: Efrem Seyoum Dance Group: Ahadu Dance Group Program Leader: Befikadu Abay
adwa pop up event
Adwa Pop Up Buy Ethiopian Be a patriot! Come celebrate Adwa with creativity! Date: March 4 - March 5, 2022 Address: Sabegn Concept Store
kids and parents fun event in addis ababa
250 Br
Kids and Parents Day of Fun Event organized by: Flair Events
Car Free Day
May 23, 2022
12:00 am
Car Free Day
Korea Camp
Korea Camp We're back with Selam! Korea Camp Season 3!. We know you love Korea culture and you want to know more about Korea!. We're waiting for you with various Korea games, food and culture activities!
CSOs Week 2022 Ethiopia
CSOs WEEK 2022 ETHIOPIA Proactive CSOs for Peace, Democracy & Development Join Hundreds of CSOs As they Work to Renew their Commitment in Promoting Peace, Democracy & Development. Grand Opening  Exhibition Panel Discussions  
Blood Donation
July 10, 2022
2:00 am
Blood Donation Day የክቡር ዶክተር አርቲስት ቴዎድሮስ ካሳሁን (ቴዲ አፍሮ) ልደት ምክንያት በማድረግ የተዘጋጀ ሺ ሆነን የሺዎችን ህይወት እንታደግ
Addis Events
addis events in addis ababa