Rophnan Nuri Muzeyin (Amharic: ሮፍናን ኑሪ ሙዘይን; born 22 June 1990), known mononymously as Rophnan , is an Ethiopian musician, singer, songwriter, DJ, and audio engineer. Widely acclaimed, he is currently considered as one of the most influential artists in...
Sr. Zebider Zewdie - Founder of Mary Joy
Sr. Zebider Zewdie - Founder of Mary Joy
Dr. Fekade Agwar - Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
 Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
Mr. Sileshi Umer
Founder and CEO of Safe Light Initiative
Gossaye Tesfaye
Gossaye Tesfaye singer, who is endowed with a magnificent voice and marvelous singing talent kept on with his career and started performing in Addis Ababa’s night clubs.
Bethlehem Tilahun
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is Founder and Managing Director of soleRebels, the world's fastest-growing African footwear brand and first to emerge from a developing nation; it is also the first WFTO Fair Trade-certified footwear company.
Coronial Athletes Derartu Tulu (1)
Derartu Tulu was born in 1972, in the village of Bokoji, Arsi of central Oromo in Ethiopia. Derartu was the seventh child in a family of ten children.
Tewodros Tadesse Araya
Melaku Beshah is a Country Director at Excellerent Technology Solutions Inc. - Ethiopia Delivery Center
Dr Berhanu Beyene
He is  a researcher interested in the evolution of educational contexts in Turkey, and its influence on student mobility. His Research focuses on the role of teachers and managers in promoting quality education.
Dr Shumet Gizaw
Shumete Gizaw is an Ethiopian, and the current Director General of the Information Network Security Administration. He was the former Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, State Minister of Science and Technology of Ethiopia.
Addis Events
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