Blue Nile Hiking

Adare Guzo Awash National Park Ena Deho Louge
3500 ETB
Trip to Awash National Park Date: May 28,2022 Starting time 11:30. Starting place :- Wabishebele Hotel To Make a Payment Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 1000373309528 Blue Nile Hiking
Trip to Meneze Gosa
2600 ETB
ድንቅ ተፈጥሮ ድንቅ መልካአምድር ድንቅ ታሪክ መንዝጌራ ምድር ጓሳ ጥብቅ የማህበረሰብ ስፍራ።በሰሜን ሸዋ ዞን የሚገኘውንና በውስጡ የተለያዩ ብርቅየ ብዝሀ ህይወት ባለቤት የሆነውን የመንዝ ጓሳ አካባቢ ጥብቅ ስፍራን አብረን እንጎብኝ! የጉዞ ቀን: ሰኔ 18 እና 19 2014 ዓ.ም የቆይታ ጊዜ: 2-ቀናት 1-አዳር
ጢስ አባይ | Blue Nile
5500 ETB
July 22, 2022
ጢስ አባይ | Blue Nile  Destination: isle of lake Tana blue Nile falls Forest Location: Northern of Addis Distance from Addis: 525 KM
Neon Beach Party Dj Emanuel
2950 ETB
NEON BEACH FEST at Langano Date: Jul 30 and 31 (Saturday and Sunday) Meeting Point: Mexico Wabi Shebele Hotel Price: 2,950 per person Discount for a group of friends
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