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1450 ETB
A Day Trip to Dehra Park Expected Wild Animals to See: Greater & Lesser Kudus  Warthogs Hyenas  Variety of Bird Species
Safari Boat Ride
1650 ETB
July 9, 2022
Safari Boat Ride / Wine Tour  EXPERIENCE A SAFARI ON THE WATER Traveling by Boat be on the look out for huge Hippos and tons of Brids Such us the African Fish Eagles and the Great White Pelican Afterwords we will experience and wine taste at the Castel Winery. 
Debre Libanose
1600 ETB
July 10, 2022
Debre Libanos Safari SAFARI | HISTORY | HIKING Hike around and explore the historical Portuguese Bridge that was Built by ras Dargein. As we explore keep an eye out for the dynamic Gelada Baboon and Other Wildlife Species such us thelammergeyer ( Beatred Velture ) and the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill.
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