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በርሜል Fest
250 ETB
በርሜል Fest በርሜል Fest 9th Edition is coming back on the 28th of May 2022, at our new venue, Grove Garden Walk. For this edition of በርሜል Fest, we will feature multiple artists on 3 different stages starting early. From intimate Acoustic sessions, to an immersive Afrohouse stage and all the way to our main stage ! Make sure to come early for the ultimate festival experience in one place! Tickets will soon be available on Ahun App
Bermeal Fest
200 ETB
10th Edition በርሜል Fest  Date: August 6 ,2022 Location: Wollo Sefer Kana Warehouse, in front of Dire Dawa Building.
200 ETB
Time to kick off the weekend with FRIDAZE: Homecoming Edition at Diamond Hotel Parking!
Concert of the winners All Addis Events
Normal:- 300 VIP:- 1500 VVIP:- 50,000
February 10/2023 at the Millennium Hall, starting at 10:00 am, the artists who will present the concert are - Fikradis Nekagoor, Tshaye Yohannes, Abdu Kiar, and Halen Berhe.
Bermel Fest1-All Addis Events
 First wave 200ETB Second wave  300ETB At the door are 400ETB
In addition to the great music, there will also be games and activities from old-time favorites to new ones, as well as a variety of food vendors and creatives showcasing their talent.
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