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Hiding in the Rift
2,850 ETB
Hiking in the Rift Camping and Hiking Event Location: Doho Lodge and Awash National Park When: June 11-12 ( Saturday & Sunday) Price: 2,850 BIRR
Hiding the Rift 2
3450 ETB
July 9, 2022
Hiding in the Rift vol.2 Looking for a Weekend Camping and Hiking Adventure? Check out this yha Hiking Club Itinerary for the information You need on where to stay and what to see Over TWO Days.
Hiding in The Rift
3450 ETB
ኑ ሽርሽር እንሂድ  HIDING in the RIFT_Volume 2 Yeha Hiking Club is aiming to host its second edition of HIDING IN THE RIFT Camping & Hiking trip to its newly explored popular vacation spot, Doho Lodge and Hot Springs.
Trip to Wenchi
3250 ETB
Camping Trip to Wenchi Crater Lake 2 Days 1 Night Date: August 6-7, 2022 Price: 3250 ETB Departure: Mexico Shebele 12:30 LT
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