Sr. Zebider Zewdie - Founder of Mary Joy
Sr. Zebider Zewdie
Mary Joy
Dr. Fekade Agwar - Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
Dr. Fekade Agwar
 Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
Healing Value Ethiopia
Mr. Sileshi Umer
Mr. Sileshi Umer 
Founder and CEO of Safe Light Initiative
Safe Light Initiative
Bethlehem Tilahun
Bethlehem Tilahun
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is Founder and Managing Director of soleRebels
Katherine Chacón Martínez
Katherine Chacón Martínez
Project Coordinator & Technical Lead, The Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled
World Bank, ONU HABITAT, IDB and local governments
Katherine Chacón Martínez is a technical expert on universal design and accessibility
Ashenafi Taye
Ashenafi Taye
psychology, Lecturer
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Ashenafi Taye is  the founder of 'The Key to Keys personal Development' Seminars, which helps individuals and groups to tap their mind faculties in the attainment of any desired success. Currently.
Mekedes Gebrewold
Mekdes Gebrewold
Fundraising, Training and Proposal writing.
John Maxwell Team
Founder / Strategic Management Advisor at Ashagari Consultancy and An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team
Samiya Abdukadir Photo
Samiya Abdulkadir
Founder & President
Ethiopian Youth Entrepreneurs Association
Samiya Abdulkadir is president of Ethiopian Entrepreneurship Association, Founder of Aim View Educational Consultancy, Founder of minimum Learning Competency.
Nathan Damtew
Nathan Damtew is the founder of the technology and gaming company BeBlocky. The companies first product is a programming learning platform for kids.
Betelhem Dessie
Founder & CEO
iCog - Anyone Can Code
Betelhem Dessie is an Ethiopian web and mobile technologies developer. She is currently a Founder and CEO of iCog- Anyone Can Code.
Addis Events
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