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Bethlehem Tilahun
Bethlehem Tilahun
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is Founder and Managing Director of soleRebels
Coronial Athletes Derartu Tulu 1
Athletes Derartu Tulu
Athlete, president
Derartu Tulu dreams that every woman and child in the world will have the right to do whatever they want.
Tewodros Tadesse Araya
Tewodros Tadesse
He is a vibrant speaker, leader, and educator with over 10 years of experience in the field of leadership development.
Dr Berhanu Beyene
Dr. Berhanu Beyene
He is  a researcher interested in the evolution of educational contexts in Turkey, and its influence on student mobility
Dr Shumet Gizaw
Dr. Shumete Gizaw
Assistant Professor
Shumete Gizaw is an Ethiopian, and the current Director General of the Information Network Security Administration
Iwona Alfred 1
Iwona Alfred
Program Manager, Content Management and Production
Iwona is a Program Manager in the Global team responsible for content management and production of training materials, best practices and visual content for ITDP’s capacity building program.
Shahab Ud Din
Shahab Ud Din 
Chief Executive Officer, PAK Ever-Bright Development Organization
Mr. Shahab Ud Din is a universal accessibility expert and rights activist for person’s with disabilities under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Katherine Chacón Martínez
Katherine Chacón Martínez
Project Coordinator & Technical Lead, The Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled
Katherine Chacón Martínez is a technical expert on universal design and accessibility
Aimee Gauthier
Aimee Gauthier
Chief Knowledge Officer
Aimée manages ITDP’s global initiatives, international policy program, leadership and innovation program, and global research and projects
Yolandi Robinson
Peering Specialist
Started her career at Teraco Data Environments. First as an intern in the marketing department before joining the NAPAfrica peering & interconnection team, where she has been ever since.
Magloire Hiol
Magloire is the Managing Director of PAIX Data Centres for Cote d’Ivoire & Ghana.
Ben Hayll
Ben Ryall
Ben has been at Meta for just over 4.5 years and is responsible for the Edge Strategy in SSA – this includes, with the team, partnering with ISPs and focusing on peering and caching in the region, to ensure the people using our products get the best experience possible.
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