Dr. Fekade Agwar - Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
Dr. Fekade Agwar
 Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Healing Value Ethiopia
Healing Value Ethiopia
Mr. Sileshi Umer
Mr. Sileshi Umer 
Founder and CEO of Safe Light Initiative
Safe Light Initiative
Dr. Wodajeneh Meharene
Dr.Wodajeneh Meharene
Pastor | Speech | Doctor
Dr.Wodajeneh Meharene is one of the influential people in Ethiopia.
Dr Selamawit Eshetu
Dr Selamawit Eshetu
Doctor, Nutritionist
Ethiopian Medical Women Association( EMeWA )
Dr. Selamawit Eshetu is a Medical Doctor who is a graduate of st Paul's  Hospital Millennium Medical College. She has worked as a General practitioner and Quality Unit Head at Adet Primary Hospital. Currently she works at Federal Police Hospital and studies for her Masters in Public Health Nutrition in her part time. She is the Public Relations Head for Ethiopian Physicians Union (EPU) and volunteers at local NGO called Nutrition 4 Education & Development -N4ED.Selamawit is passionate about health and gender, and advocates for Gender Equality.
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