Bekri Ahmedin

Bekri Ahmedin

Bekri Ahmedin is a founder at Netib Consult and an accredited coach from (EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council).

Currently, Bekri is working with an international organization called EthicalCoach for the NGO leadership Team Coaching. Recently, Bekri deliver successful six-month Executive and Team coaching sessions for selected four companies by R&D Group.

For more than 10 years, Bekri has been using his entrepreneurial talent and conducting successful self-development training for individuals and organizations that improves their personal and professional development.

He worked as a personality coach for 6 years and in parallel he worked as a physical therapist & wellness coach for 7 years at “First chiropractic clinic”.

Beyond professional excellence; Bekri practices creativity and mindfulness to nurture his continuous personal and professional growth to live a holistic lifestyle.

He believes the optimum alignment between nature and nurture inspires humanity to sustainable growth and a holistic lifestyle.

Bekri is a multi-talented self-preneur, coach and mentor, trainer, business coach, life coach, and self-development instructor.

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