Types of Corporate Events

Types of Corporate Events

Corporate event types can include the following categories:

Corporate Conferences

The corporate conference is a primary type of event. It’s usually a large gathering within a venue focused on a central theme, product or service. The event can include speakers, exhibitions, displays, performances, round tables, networking opportunities, catering and recreational opportunities.

Conferences are usually large-scale events held in convention centers or conference halls. More recently, conferences have been held virtually too.

Trade shows

Trade shows are event types that cover an industry or theme rather than a single company. They can be small or huge and have a few guests or hundreds of thousands. They will feature exhibitions, displays, showcases, speakers and perhaps entertainment.

Trade shows will also be held in convention centers or conference halls. They don’t work quite so well virtually.


The planning and execution of seminars is a lot like the conference. Only this time, it’s more about learning, training and imparting information. They can have high attendance but are often broken up into smaller groups for more effective training.

There can be a mixture of smaller groups for sessions and then everyone meeting up to socialize, network, and share ideas.

Seminars can be held anywhere depending on the size and scope. You would ideally need somewhere with smaller areas or rooms for learning and larger spaces for socializing.


Source: https://eventacademy.com/news/types-of-events/

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